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With an Enterprise Value Accounting System™ in place and operational, Periodic Reviews assure the sustainment of your company's Intangible Asset value. Intangible Asset valuations are updated, capturing the growth achieved through awareness and control of the assets.


Periodic Reviews also capture new Intangible Assets created from new holdings, programs, or initiatives.  At the conclusion of the Periodic Review, a new Enterprise Value will have been calculated for the company.


If the company’s Strategic Plan changes over time, such as a Merger & Acquisition opportunity, BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ can assist as well.   If the opportunity is to purchase, Enterprise Value Accounting System™ techniques can be utilized to determine a purchase price target.  Once purchased, the new Intangible Assets can be incorporated into the existing, creating a new singular Enterprise Value.  If the objective is selling, having a solid understanding of your company’s Enterprise Value will allow for confident negotiations, maximizing the sale amount.  



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