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Implementation is where the company’s Tactical/Strategic Plans and Intangible Assets align to propel the business to future growth.  At the heart of Implementation is the Enterprise Value Accounting System™.  The Identify-Capture-Grow-Sustain system is where Intangible Assets are realized. 


The starting point of Implementation is Identifying the organization’s current Intangible Assets.  Identification entails collecting Intangible Assets and categorically organizing them by function, while also giving consideration to ‘bundling’ asset opportunities that support each other.


Once Identified, a valuation is generated to Capture each individual Intangible Asset. BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ utilizes income, market, cost and/or a combination of such valuation methods depending on the individual Intangible Asset.  This ensures that the most reliable valuation is performed.


At this point the Enterprise Value can be determined.


The Enterprise Value can be leveraged to compare and adjust new Tactical and Strategic Plans.  A Tactical Plan will look to grow existing Intangible Assets and create new Intangible Asset opportunities, with a goal to increase Enterprise Value.  Information derived from the Enterprise Value can be utilized to continue or adjust the company's current Strategic Plan direction.



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