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At BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™, we take pride in addressing your company’s financial growth needs. Unlike most CPA and financial companies that focus on the standard financial statements and Tangible Assets, we venture where the large value assets are - Intangible Assets.


Our team of professionals will work with you to maximize the overall value of your company and address your future goals in moving forward toward success. Be it working with Intellectual Properties, Intangible Assets, Value CreationStrategic Planning  or Valuation, our emphasis is the increased worth of your company.


The ability to increase your worth is thanks to our broad experience and education.  This experience includes a range of industries including consumer goods, heavy equipment, medical devices, aerospace, healthcare, R&D, and industrial.  The team also possesses a diverse

educational background consisting of Business and Engineering Degrees, MBA’s, as well as Intellectual Property and Technology Law.  This overall body of knowledge allows the team at BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ to best serve company’s needs in today’s business world.


Whether the leadership’s goal is growth, new product launch, diversification, or Mergers & Acquisitions, BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ sets a direction to best position the value of the company.  By establishing a Valuation and the utilization of tools such as the Enterprise Value Accounting System™, a structure is implemented to promote increased value while setting metrics to grow and sustain assets.  This growth and control of your company’s Intangible Assets will establish its future success.


As technologies advance, branding becomes more prominent, and the global economy molds into a common marketplace, business know-how in driving Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets will be paramount. Today's companies are value driven by these factors and BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ is positioned with the right experience and education to capture and create opportunities for their customers.


BUSINESS INTANGIBLES™ is here to assist in your success because:

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